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일상적으로 사용하는 시사관련 용어을 소개합니다.
교사자료실에서 알찬 스터디코리안 한국어 학습콘텐츠를 만나보세요.

어려운 단어도 척척! 어휘의 힘을 키워요! 신문 속의 단어를 알기 쉽게 풀어보는 시사 용어 교사 연수 페이지 바로가기
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thunder  “천둥” (Thunder) is the loud noise that you hear after a flash of lightning. As “천둥” and “번개&rd...
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生理, menstruation  Although “생리” literally means the biological functions or principles of an organism, it is used in med...
2016-03-15   추천 :0   조회수 : 138
白血病, leukemia  “백혈병” is a disease in which abnormalities occur in the white blood cells that eliminate foreign substance...
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virus  A “바이러스” is a microscopic organism that is parasitic to other cells or germs and clones itself within them. As &l...
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通信網, communication network  A “통신망” network is a collection of interconnected communication facilities that receive and ...
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症候群, syndrome  A “증후군” is a disease whose cause cannot be definitely identified because it arises from a number of compl...
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二酸化炭素, carbon dioxide  “이산화탄소” is a substance in which carbon is combined with oxygen. It is a gas that is produced when...
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遺傳子, gene  A “유전자” is an information unit that parents pass down to their offspring. A gene is composed of DNA in the fo...
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元素, element  An “원소” is the smallest unit of a pure substance that cannot be further divided. Elements such as hydrogen,...
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營養素, nutrient  “영양소” is a substance that you should take in to build your body or to use as energy. Nutrients, which are...
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Chlorine  Chlorine, the main ingredient of salt, is an element with an atomic number of 17. Chlorine is mainly used in the bleaches ...
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Chromosome  A chromosome refers to a small material in a cell that contains genetic information. The activities of cells are control...
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